LIFE: BEING IN THE MOMENT – contemplation and happiness

These moments make me realize how lucky I am to be healthy, traveling the world, enjoying my business and life with my loved ones. A baby on the way is the bigass cherry on top 💕

“The Law of Attraction says that you are a “living magnet” and that you invariably attract into your life the people, ideas, opportunities, and circumstances in harmony with your dominant thoughts.

When you think positive, optimistic, loving, and successful thoughts, you create a force field of magnetism that attracts, like iron filings to a magnet, the very things you are thinking about.

This law explains why it is that you don’t have to be concerned where your good is going to come from. If you can keep your mind clearly focused on what you want, and refrain from thinking about what you don’t want, you will attract everything you need to achieve your goals, exactly when you are ready.

Change your thinking and you change your life.” — Brian Tracy

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