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The principles in this book are what fueled my progress and that of my +600 clients in the past 10 years. A recipe for succes.

Who am I?

  • Stephan Laschet, 37 years of age
  • Exercise Physiologist & Personal Trainer
  • Master of Science, Maastricht University, The Netherlands
  • Dutch & World Champion in the Benchpress, 2012 (WPF -125kg)
  • 20+ years of experience in Coaching, Strength & Conditioning
  • Owner of Sportspecifiq Studio, my strength training gym in the south of The Netherlands

It’s my mission to make your life better, healthier and more exciting by making you fit, confident and make you feel positive about life in general. When you’re confident & positive the world is at your feet! Let’s conquer it together. 

Use the principles in this book to achieve your fitness / strength goals and I promise you that more good things will follow. Because of confidence I turned my hobby into my job, I met the woman of my dreams (who I married recently), I have built my own gym (my second home), my business partner became a friend for life and I have the financial means to travel the world and live the good life. Success is built because of passion and hard work. You can do this too, so fucking go for it!

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