Looking back a little less then 20 years, I was a very insecure young man. In everyday situations I could feel very uncomfortable; like in a classroom when the teacher would ask me to answer a question. My face would turn red, I’d sometimes be at a loss for words and just think to myself: ‘why is my face turning red, make it stop, I know I look like a pumpkin now.’

My biggest fear was talking to women under the age of 90. Basicly if a woman was not family or my grandma’s age, I was screwed. If a girl my age would smile at me, I’d be ready to beat @usainbolt at the 100m dash.

Fastforward to today and I married the most stunning woman I ever met, @pialucienna. It’s my job to talk to individuals or groups of people and I recently embarked on a journey to entertain & educate people across the world.

Confidence ladies and gentlemen. Confidence is your ticket to succes and happiness. If you find it within you to believe in good things instead of all the bad scenario’s that life can throw at you, you will find purpose, strength and an overwhelming drive to accomplish your goals.

Until you start believing in yourself, you ain’t gonna have a life – Rocky Balboa

You find confidence when you accept that many people will throw insults at you when you accomplish something or have things they envy. They love seeing you fail. But they’re the losers of the world, because of the simple fact they never take a chance, never take a calculated risk and therefore never have to fall, get up and try again.

You, me, or nobody is going to hit as hard as life – Rocky Balboa

So **** life, be awesome and listen to Rock. Cuz Mickey loves ya. If you didn’t get that last part, go watch Rocky.

You, yes YOU, are a beautiful human being with limitless potential. Now put down the freakin’ phone and start working on those dreams.

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