How I fixed my lethargy

For the last few months I didn’t feel as energetic as I used to. Wondered what it was for a while and I suddenly got it! 💡

I have been working on the next step for Sportspecifiq, Sportspecifiq University. A platform which is designed to help people worldwide getting actual value in #life & #fitness. We will go online in late 2022, early 2023. Stay tuned for that..!

In short: lots of hours behind my computerscreen > less daylight > Stephan not feeling very well, lethargic and just less joyful.

My fix for days I can’t go outside to much:

A Daylight lamp! Get one! It’s freaking awesome. Just make sure you buy one with at least 10.000 LUX, which is about the same daylight as on a cloudy day. Feel way better & more productive!

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