Why this exercise? 

As you’ve already read, I like unilateral exercises. The upside to the single leg squat is that it builds muscle up like crazy, increases athletic capability, but it does so by also stimulating the quads, glutes, and , although to a lesser degree, the ab- & adductors and hamstrings. Because you need to control the balance of the entire body it utilizes every muscle fiber you have to get you up and down. 

  • Builds all-round legmuscle development
  • Teaches proper knee & hip mechanics > healthy joints
  • It’s a fun exercise to learn, and not many people are able to do it 
  • Creates healthier, more agile and all-round developed athletes

What is the secret to this exercise?

  • Use the tripod of the foot, like I talked about in section 1.3 Overhead Squat
  • Make sure you drive the knee forward in line with the foot, do not collapse to the inside. When your knee bends inwards we call that a Valgus Collapse: > This damages the cartilage and knee joint/-cap. 
  • Try to keep the tension on your leg when you hit the bottom
  • If you have limited ankle mobility, you can use weightlifting shoes or a plate under your heel to facilitate the knee going forward. This way you can stay upright and go through a full range of motion

Where can I find a tutorial? 


Weightlifting shoes:

Ankle mobility drill:

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