My favorite triceps exercise

My favorite triceps exercise to improve my bench. In pressing you mainly utilize the medial head of the triceps, so these triceps extensions will do the trick.

Workout of the day consisted of bench, cable rows, band pullaparts, and arms. Mostly I do 5 to 7 sets of each exercise.

Mostly people will look at my trainingroutine and say: ‘that seems a little easy’ or ‘you don’t train very hard, do you?’. Most answer is: your training shouldn’t be centered around maxing out every day / week and dying every time you go to the gym.

Your training should be focused on optimal recovery. However, for most of you reading this, recovery is a side-issue. That is the main reason you don’t grow, lose fat, or get stronger.

Keep training well structured, most of the time have a little gas left when you’re done and focus on quality over quantity.

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